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Core - November 16, 2011

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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So more news surfaced over the weekend of Bring Me The Horizon being involved in yet another brawl with their crowd. In circumstances not dissimilar to their previous melee in Salt Lake City, the band was getting heckled relentlessly and this time guitarist Jona Weinhofen (usually regarded as a pretty placid guy) jumped into the audience to take on the heckler, shortly followed by singer Oli Sykes. I don't generally think there's any excuse for violence..like…at all…ever. 

Anyone who can't help but respond to verbal provocation with physical abuse seems a bit weak willed to me, but that said, I can't imagine the shit BMTH must cop sometimes. You'd be hard pressed finding a band that receives more abuse than these guys, and much of it simply due to the fact that they found incredible success at a young age. For some reason that particular achievement is incomprehensibleto so many people, but probably just as much to the band themselves. I always cringe when I see a young bands being received with hysteric adoration. Not because they don't deserve it, but because it's hard to imagine how anyone thrust into that all-consuming, scorching limelight can ever regain any kind of perspective. That shit fucks you right up. So while not condoning this retarded behavior, I can't help but sympathise with how it came to be. Man I'm getting soft in my old age…


Finally, tickets for Fucked Up's headlining shows will become available this week. For tickets to their East Brunswick Club show on November 30, head to the venues website or Corner Hotel box office to get your hands on what will be much sought after tickets this Friday.


Death Cab For Cutie have revealed details of their upcoming Australian tour, announcing that they'll return to play at Melbourne's Palace Theatre on February 21. On their last tour in 2009 all their shows sold out well in advance, so don't delay- tickets are on sale now.


The sixth installment of Blood Sweat and Beers has been scheduled for Saturday February 4 in Sydney. Canberra's I Exist, Tassie boysLuca Brasi, Adelaide's Paper Arms and Melbourne's Harmony will all head northwards next year. Old Music For Old People will also appear and the event's organisers have added, "We'll announce everyone else , a venue change, the dropping of 11 bands and the smarmy attitude of the headline artist via MSN messenger in a week or so".


The Casualties have rescheduled their Australian tour which was due to take place last weekend. Just days before their tour was to commence, it was swiftly postponed. Promoter New Noise explains the problems sprung from the processing of the band's Visas. Melbourne's rescheduled date is November 30 at the Northcote Social Club. Supports still remain the same and original tickets are still valid.


Big Day Out revealed their second round of acts for 2012's festival last week. Noteable inclusions are Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, The Amity Affliction and King Cannons. Despite being ditched for the Adelaide and Perth legs of the tour, Kanye and Mariachi El Bronx will still appear in Melbourne.


Jim Ward (Sparta/At The Drive In) has announced headlining show for this January. While in our fair country for Peats Ridge Festival and Pyramid Rock, he'll return to Melbourne's East Brunswick Club for a show which will not be entirely solo. "I am over the moon to bring Gabe Gonzalez and Gregg Sosa with me so we can have the full band on stage this time".


Parkway Drive have announced an extensive regional tour of Australia next February after their Big Day Out appearances. Parkway will appear at Melbourne's annual Push Over on March 12 festival after stopping in at Geelong's Bended Elbow on March 9. Tickets are on sale November 18.


Speaking of ye olde Push Over festival, 2012's lineup also includes recent Fearless signing Tonight Alive and infamous Epitaph signing Dangerous! as well as Northlane, Skyway, Hands Like Houses, Mindset and Awaken I Am, with stacks more to be announced.


As if releasing three albums in one year wasn't enough, Japanese post rock noise legends Boris have announced a headlining tour of our East Coast this coming March. They're gonna hit Melbourne's Corner Hotel on Saturday March 24. Tickets are available now, and you'll probably need to get in early.