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Core - May 16, 2012

I am not usually inclined to comment on sensational viral news stories and I certainly am not in any way qualified to comment on transgender issues, but as a longstanding fan of Against Me!’s I wouldn’t mind weighing in on the recent news that frontperson Tom Gabel identifies as a woman and will undergo procedures to transform into Laura Jane Grace. I guess Gabel was one of the more likely candidates for this given her vaguely feminine features and occasional reference to this inclination in lyrics (the line "If I could have chosen/I would’ve been born a woman" always stuck with me for some reason). I was impressed at how immediately responsive and supportive AM! fans became when the news broke. However as someone who’s always adored this beardy, aggressive Gainesville band from inception, I was cricitised when I expressed deep shock at the announcement. Apparently it’s not PC to be utterly taken aback by news of your most beloved frontperson announcing their imminent transformation into a woman. Personally, I believe that you should be allowed to squeal at your computer for about ten minutes and run frenzied laps of your house in panic, as long as when the hysteria and disbelief recedes, you come to the conclusion that Tom Gabel should be loved and supported wholeheartedly as she makes the terrifying moves to be herself and to ultimately be happy. How you arrive at that point is totally irrelevant. Having read the Rolling Stone article in full, gasping occasionally and being moved to tears on several occasions,  I can now proudly say, ‘Go you good thing, Laura Grace’. I can’t wait to see how Against Me! progresses in the light of this revelation. Exciting times are on the way.

House Vs Hurricane (pictured) premiered the first single off their new album on triple j's Short Fast Loud last week and it was a fucking corker. Smacking of Everytime I Die with a slightly more melodic edge, it says good things about upcoming album Crooked Teeth. House Vs Hurricane will tour this winter to support the release. See them at EVs in Croyden on Friday August 3, The Hi-Fi on Saturday August 4 and Phoenix Youth Center on Sunday August 5.

Melbourne record label Casadeldisco are celebrating their ten year anniversary by throwing some parties for us. Friday July 20 sees Sommerset, Blueline Medic, Harmony and Margins smashing out a set at The Tote. In light of that gig almost selling out they then announced a second show featuring The Nation Blue, Sommerset, Blueline Medic and Grenadiers for Saturday July 21. Get your tix quick.

Tim Barry is returning to Australia this August. This August he’ll do a rather intimate run of shows including a spot at Melbourne’s Gasometer on Friday August 10. Buy your tickets now and lock in some gruff alt country sing-alongs and scotch. 

Philadelphia band Rosetta are plotting a return to Australia for an extensive 15 date run around the country in support their third album A Determinism Of Morality. US band City Of Ships and Brissy boys Nuclear Summer will support them on their handful of Victorian shows. Catch this impressive lineup at the Curtin Bandroom on Thursday August 2, the National Hotel in Geelong on Friday August 3, Black Goat Warehouse on Saturday August 4, and The Bendigo on Tuesday August 7.

Paper Arms will join New Zealand’s The Outsiders for a co-headlining tour this June. Best part is that they’ll play one show at The Bendigo with The Jamie Hay Band, Infinite Void and Foxtrot on Saturday June 23 and a second all ages show at my new favourite venue, The Place on Sunday June 24 with Kill The Matador and more.