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Core - March 28, 2012


OK here’s a question: can you create a sound on an album that you can’t completely replicate live? Are you entitled to squeaks, bangs, squeaks and whistles, soprano vocals and ambitious meedly meedly if you know for a fact that you are unable to pull it off onstage? Keeping in mind that very few bands are able to exist entirely in the context of albums and that most bands will need to tour an album in order to make some cash, please the label and progress in the cyclical nature that the industry operates on these days. I saw a band the other week who had lovely vocals and swell harmonies on their most recent album, but come their much anticipated live album, completely choked in both regards. As a result their live show…um…well…sucked. Usually singers will struggle to deliver crisp, calculated, studio-perfect vocals live, and that’s OK, but this one really missed the mark entirely to the point where some songs became unrecognisable. Yet it seems like a bitter assault on an artist’s creative freedom to deny them any kind of whimsical, ambitious experimentation in the studio...? Send answers to ek1984@gmail.com.


This Thursday, Smith St’s Gasometer Hotel will host a photography exhibition called Women In Punk and Hardcore, Melbourne. The project is a collaboration between two Melbourne-based artists, and features the stories of women who have played an important part in the punk and hardcore scene in Melbourne. There will be live performances by Deep Heat and Concrete Life. Check it out.


Canberra’s I Exist will release a new 7” through Resist Records for Record Store Day this Saturday April 21. The record will feature a brand new song and a Melvins cover and only 250 copies will be made available. Meanwhile, Poison City Records has released a sneak peak off their Record Store Day release, Shuffle And Scrape: A Tribute To Blueline Medic”. The Nation Blue’s cover of Shuffle And Scrape is available now online. The vinyl will be available from Poison City Records on Saturday April 21.


It has been revealed that actor Johnny Depp will appear on Marilyn Manson’s new album Born Villain which is due out in Australia via Cooking Vinyl on Friday April 27. It’s the band’s first album since 2009’s mediocre The High End Of Low.


Karnivool are revived and ready to hit the road again after a quiet few months, with their Melodia Frescas Tour with Redcoats and Sleepmakeswakes kicking off this winter when it’ll hit Melbourne’s The Hi-Fi on Thursday July 5, followed by the Bended Elbow in Geelong on Sunday July 8.


Brendan Kelly’s (Lawrence Arms) new project Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds have posted a new song from their forthcoming album online. What’s A Boy To Do is from the upcoming album I’d Rather Die Than Live Forever which cops a release this week via Red Scare.


Ska Weekender Festival will return this June to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Saturday June 9 will see Area 7, Dan Potthast, God God Dammit Dammit, The Bennies, Roofdog, The Operators, Admiral Ackbar and Dishonourable Discharge play at The Evelyn Hotel from 6pm. Tickets are available via Moshtix.