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Core - March 21, 2012


For the first time in yonkers, I went to JB Hi-Fi on the weekend and purchased an album – at full price– marched full speed to the counter to purchase and engage in some encouraging small talk with the sales assistant, then out to my car to careful unwrap the three layers of plastic cling, and insert the disc carefully into my car’s CD player. As the first track kicked in, I delicately unfolded the booklet and ran my hand gently over the fine stock and inhaled. Dudes, it has been years since I’ve engaged in this kind of activity. Don’t worry, I am acquiring my music legally online, but remember how exciting it was when you purchased music physically, and then left the CD in your car to spin endlessly until you knew every word and the singles stopped being the best tracks and the B-sides started taking on tremendous, unappreciated appeal? The internet is the greatest technological development in the history of mankind but it’s taken the joy out of the way we engage with music. I miss the old days. #thatguy

Melbourne’s Smith Street Band have announced a residency at Old Bar to road test some new material on their adoring fanbase. Every Wednesday in April they’ll be live and local with supports like Hoodlum Shouts, Palisade and Grim Fandango.


The Mission In Motion have announced a big ol’ Australian tour to take their triple j championed single Control on the road. The Tote will host them and local supports, Jonesez in Melbourne on Saturday June 2.


Two fifths of excellent metal band Protest The Hero are working on a country side-project. The band’s vocalist and bassist have teamed up to form Refugees. The songs have banjo in them. Banjo and harmonica. Amazing.


Canberra’s Super Best Friends will release their new EP Handshake tomorrow (Thursday) and they’ll hit the road to celebrate. The ten-show tour will stroll through Melbourne in April, arriving at The Brunswick Hotel on Friday April 13 and Pony on Saturday April 14.


The Lawrence Arms will release a 10th anniversary concert DVD called An Evening Of Extraordinary Circumstance via Fat Wreck Chords this June. Preorders are available now.


French ska/punk band Skarface will arrive in Melbourne next week to play at The Bendigo with Slick 46 and Menage-a-ska. Dudes have released 14 albums and toured US, China, Japan, Russia. Now they bring their posi vibes to Australia. Pencil it in.


After announcing East Coast tour dates that cruelly neglected his home town of Melbourne, Jamie Hay (Fear Like Us, A Death In The Family) has announced one impressive hometown show for Saturday April 28. Gertrude’s Brown Couch will host Jamie Hay (& band), Arrows, Grim Fandango, The Union Pacific and Milhouse.