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Core - March 14, 2012

There’s something to be said for bands that just get under your skin and stay there. Have you ever noticed how some of the bands that you were obsessed about when you were 15 still ignite great joy when you hear them again ten years later? What is it about bands that we loved around that impressionable age sticking with us despite everything else we fancied then (I’m looking at you pink studded belts, Bacardi Breezers and peroxide hair) being painfully fucking passé now? Seeing Strung Out play during Soundwave week, I got a tingle down the spine and desire to throw myself into the pit that I haven’t gotten in eons. I saw a billion bands that week, many of which have probably surpassed Strung Out in the talent stakes, but Strung Out totally slayed me.


Fresh off a national spot on the Soundwave bill, Tonight Alive have announced a small run of East Coast dates before heading over to the US to jump on the Warped Tour wagon. The band will arrive at Ballarat’s Karova Lounge on May 18, then do two Corner Hotel shows on May 19 and 20 (the latter will be underage), and they’re bringing some rather bizarre tour supports in The Dangerous Summer and Totally Unicorn. Can’t wait to see Tonight Alive fans cop an earful of Totally Unicorn.


UK band Young Guns will back up their appearance at Counter Revolutions by returning to our shores with Closure In Moscow this May. Catch them at The Hi-Fi on May 30.


Backyard Surgeons are gearing up for a trip to China this April but in the meantime have dropped their new album Destined For Descent. It’s available on the band’s bandcamp for however much you want to pay. Don’t be a shit bloke, throw them some coin so they can cover ‘tour costs and beer’.


Sydney’s Resist The Thought have been in the US recording their newest Sovereignty with Tim Lambesis of As I Lay Dying but they’re quick to return to our shores to kick out some national jams. See them at Bang on April 21, then Phoenix Youth Center on April 22.


Is anyone else busting their goddamn guts to see Murder By Death finally? I am gagging to finally tick this band off my bucket band list, and now even more so considering some very deec supports will be joining the festivities. Melbourne’s show at The Evelyn will feature Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, Jamie Hay and Between The Wars, and the show in Geelong on the 18 has Cash Savage, Japan For and The Smith Street Band on board. Tops.