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Hey ya’ll. Did you hear that WHEATUS are touring?...Y’know. Wheatus. That band. That band that had that song. The dirtbag one? Imagine the burden that movie producer must feel, having created a beast by placing that moderately catchy pop tune in American Pie, the biggest blockbuster of the year. Look what they’ve done. They granted that two-bit band not only its immediate success and stardom, but kept them lingering in our collective consciousness for nigh on ten years, all with one okay song.  On the plus-side this is most reassuring, friends. ATTENTION BANDS WITH QUESTIONABLE TALENT! You just need to pen one decent song and you’ll get to tour on the back of it for at least a decade. HUZZAH!

The rumours were true. Defeater (pictured) are returning to Australia this September for the second time in about a year. This time they’re bringing Philly band Blacklisted with them for their first trip in about 5 years. Catch this killer combo at The Corner in Melbourne on September 27. An all ages show is scheduled for Friday September 28 at TLC Bayswater. Tickets on sale now.


Announcing a last minute tour seems to be a death knell for bands at the moment. Just as quickly as it appeared on our calendars, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones one-off Sydney show has been canned after the festival they were attending en route in Jakarta got b0ned. The band have promised to return and reschedule shows in the future.


Make Do And Mend drummer Matt Carroll has lashed back at fans accusing the band of selling out by shifting from Paper and Plastick to Rise Records, saying “if only these kids knew that I struggle to pay my rent every month then they might redefine the world sellout”. MDAM released their new album Everything You Ever Loved last week.


Underage Cartel fans can rest easy. The band have announced an all ages show at Lilydale showgrounds on Sunday September 16, presumably as part of a bigger festival? Time will tell.


Destroy All Lines have announced a killer tour to kick off this August featuring Antagonist AD, Lionheart and Shinto Katana. All three acts have new material circulating so expect to hear plenty of new stuff when they hit Bang on Saturday August 11. You can also catch all ages gigs at Phoenix Youth Center (Sunday August 12) and Musicman Megastore in Bendigo (Tuesday August 14).


Euro metal band Apocalyptica have announced their first ever Australian tour. The crazy dudes who combine metal with cellos have sold millions of albums worldwide. You can catch them at Melbourne’s The Hi-Fi on Saturday September 1. Tickets are on sale this Friday.