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Core - June 20, 2012

Sweet potato pie, what is happening to The Offspring? I am so bamboozled at their recent output that my tiny brain can barely cope.Cruisin’ California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk). Really dudes? REALLY? I know they’re an easy and obvious target and have hardly put out anything worth listening to for several decades but their new music certainly cements their place as the ultimate example of what not to do. Otherwise known as ‘how to piss all over any previous success or credibility you may have once attained’. Making an attempt to profit from your music is nothing to sneeze at and I wouldn’t berate any artist for doing so, but to delve so boldly into the depths of vacuous, synthetic pop music without a hint of irony (they’ve been trying to inject some recently by suggesting the new song was a pisstake on modern pop. Excuse me sirs, you seem to be profiting marvellously from said ‘joke’) is reprehensible. SHAME ON YOU, NOODLES! SHAME!

Dream On Dreamer have announced a rather large national tour. Following on from their ridiculous touring schedule that saw them clock up two US tours, two European tours and stints in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in 10 months, the guys are showing no sign of stopping on home turf. See them at The Corner Hotel on Thursday September 6, or EV’s Youth Centre on Friday September 7.


Brit rockers I Am Giant have announced their return to Australia this winter in support of latest release Purple Heart. They’ll be playing at The Workers Club on Brunswick Street on Thursday July 5.


Brisbane deathcore band Aversions Crown will tour extensively in support their debut album Servitude. They’ll play an all ages gig a Phoenix Youth on Saturday July 21 and another one at The Nash in Geelong on Sunday July 22 as part of the You’re Not Safe tour.


Select Touring have announce a Cartel Australian tour with We Rob Banks this September. You may remember they were scheduled to tour last year until a sus promoter pulled the plug on their dates at the last minute. This time round they’ll be playing tracks from their debut EP The House Of Gonzo. Catch them at The Evelyn on Thursday September 13. Tickets available from Friday.


Boston band Transit will tour Australia for the first time this August. They’re doing a run of small shows around the country with local lads Anchors (pictured). See them at Bang in Melbourne on Saturday August 18 or Phoenix Youth Center on Sunday August 19. Ballarat folks get their own gig at Mechanics Institute on Tuesday August 21. Tickets are available on Friday.


Mighty Mighty Bosstones fans will be simultaneously thrilled and gutted to hear that the band are coming to Australia this July. Catch is, they’ve booked one show only in Sydney on Thursday July 5 at The Metro. Capacity is 1000. Good luck ya’ll.


Brisbane band Idylls are hitting the road to support their new release Farewell All Joy. They’ve got a unique sound and the smart money says they’ll be interesting live. They’ll play in Melbourne at Irene’s Warehouse on Thursday July 5 with Quiet Steps, Stockades and Nontinuum. You can also see them at The Gaso on Friday July 6 with Palisades, Old Skin and Carbs. Yum.


WA band The Decline are touring this July on the back of their latest Pee Records release Are You Gonna Eat That? See them at The Tote on Thursday July 26 with The Bennies, Backyard Surgeons and Take Your Own.