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Core - June 13, 2012

The Amity Affliction (pitcured) have released details on their upcoming album, revealing that Chasing Ghosts will drop on September 14. It’s the band’s first album since Youngbloods which landed at #6 on the ARIA charts upon debut. Recorded in Florida with Michael Baskette, anticipation is rather palpable for this one especially on the  back of the artwork which is pretty damn confronting. The band tweeted “our album artwork hasn’t even come out and it’s causing issues. The government won’t properly acknowledge suicide, but they’ll censor it”. The imagery, which portrays a young man who’s hung himself from a tree (rope and head aren’t visible but strongly implied), has caused a moderate stir. I’m gonna put it out there, it’s pretty fucking horrible and I’d be pretty interested to hear the powers that be justify the use of such upsetting imagery. Suicide is absolutely a topic that should be more freely discussed and dissected given how prevalent it is amongst young Australians. I’ve dealt with it, and still feel its many unending repercussions in my day-to-day life, and I’m not really stoked on constantly being subject to the image of a limp, lifeless body that they’ve submitted as artwork. Of course, going ahead with this imagery will at least prompt some debate and it’s an effective  PR angle given the discussions it has sparked, but I could probably conjure half a dozen variations on the theme that wouldn’t cut so deep. Call me old fashioned.


Frenzal Rhomb have been doing quite the thorough tour of Australia of late including regional gigs in Queensland and Canberra. The band have now confirmed they have plans to return to Melboune as well as visit Frankston, Jindabyne, Alice Springs and Toowoomba. Catch the Melbourne festivities at The Hi-Fi on August 3 or if you’re really brave, head to Pier Live in Frankston on Saturday August 4.


Chicago hardcore band Harms Way will join forces with Sydney’s Phantoms this winter. You can see them at Bang on July 28 or chuck an all ages mosh at the Phoenix Youth Center on July 29.


Melboune-based label UNFD has announced that they’ve added Sydney’s Hand Of Mercy to their already impressive roster. The band will release their new album Last Lights on the label on August 17. The band will unveil a first taste of their new sound this week via their Facey page.


Brissy lads Nine Sons Of Dan have announced a new EP and national tour to roll out next month. See them at Revolver Upstairs on Saturday July 28 with Daylight Hours, While The City Sleeps and Have You Seen This Boy or on Sunday July 29 at underage venue, Spensers Live.


Bad Religion have rather casually announced that they are currently working on a follow up to 2010’s The Dissent Of Man. Great news from a band that everyone is kinda expecting to implode at any minute to be revered in the echelons of punk rock greats for a  couple years only to make a glorious and profitable return in five years time. Onya BR for keeping on.


Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory will release a solo EP this winter, via Bridge Nine Recods. Using his solo moninker What’s Eating Gilbert, the Cheap Shots EP cops a release overseas on July 31 and has been described as “sleep '50s style pop with a nod to the punk sound of New Found Glory”.