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Core - January 18, 2012


Well well well. Look what we have here. A Refused reunion . For years now I’ve been hearing rumours about the substantial sums of money Coachella have been offering similar seminal bands to forget their past indiscretions and reform for the festival. Apparently with each new year the offers become more and more generous, making it harder and harder for bands to resist the urge. At The Drive In’s reformation was shocking. There were burnt bridges and broken hearts in that band; severely damaged relationships. So it’s pretty inspiring that they’ve reformed in an orderly and adult manner. Refused’s reunion, on the other hand, almost disappoints me. Their demise was spectacular. They made sure of it. Their ‘final communique’/last press release/manifesto was defiant, angry and most of all definite. It also concluded, “We will never play together again and we will never try to glorify or celebrate what was”. Their final release, the DVD of their last over-dramatised performance (yeah, I said it), was  called Refused Are Fucking Dead, and goddamn I was inclined to believe it. It was a bold statement, and one that I respected them for making so conclusively. So although a reformation is always exciting and I dare say the likelihood of them travelling here is pretty damn high, it leaves me a bit stale.


Baltimore hardcore band Trapped Under Ice (pictured) will return to Australia soon for a couple weeks in support of Big Kiss Goodnight. They’ll play at the Corner Hotel on Sunday March 11 after headlining min-fest Break The Ice at Seaford Community Hall, which will also feature 50 Lions, Hopeless, Shinto Katana, Dropsaw, Anchor, Relentless, Phantoms, Iron Mind and Warbrain.


Black Label Society will headline their own Soundwave sidewave with guests Hellyeah, Black Tide and Holy Grail at The Forum on Tuesday Feb 28. We’ve also got the old-school lineup of Unwritten Law, Zebrahead and Royal Republic goin on at The Espy on Wednesday February 29. Gnarly. Four Year Strong announced earlier last week that they’d team up with relative newcomers I Am The Avalanche, Fireworks and Conditions at Melbourne’s Hi-Fi Bar on Tuesday February 28. Tickets are all on sale now.


La Dispute have added a second overage Melbourne show to their schedule after the Corner Hotel gig promptly sold out. The second show will take place at The East Brunswick Club on Monday February 20. Head to their box office to grab tickets.


Melbourne’s own A Death In The Family made the shock decision to call it quits last week, claiming they’d “hit a cross-roads”. The band’s statement explains, “Each of our lives and circumstances are vastly different than they were a few years ago and as a group we’ve simply decided now is a good time to move on”. Unfortunately, mere moments after this was announced, Brisbane outfit Fires Of Waco also pulled the plug. They’ll play one final show, with details to be announced shortly.


New Found Glory have confirmed a return trip down under (was there ever any doubt) with Taking Back Sunday this April. The two pop punk heavyweights are tackling Melbourne’s Festival Hall for an all ages show on Sunday April 8.


Those seeing Dead To Me and Cobra Skulls in March will be relieved to know that Lamexcuse will be supporting the duo, and following A Death in The Family’s demise, Melbourne’s The Gun Runners have nabbed the remaining support slot. Tickets still available for this Northcote Social Club show. Will rule.


How’s this for a supergroup. My Chemical Romance drummer Jarrod Alexander + AFI bassist Hunter Burgan + Alkaline Trio heart throb Matt Skiba. These friends have collaborated for a new project, dubiously titled Matt Skiba and The Sekrets. *Cough. The ensemble are releasing a new album titled Babylon through new label Superball Music.