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Core - February 8, 2012

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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So last week was a bit epic, what with Big Day Out and then all the ensuing sideshows. I acted like a most mature adult and ditched the whole festival thing and bee-lined straight to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl sideshows. My wallet still hates me for it. So Mariachi El Bronx were excellent on Monday night but they weren’t quite The Bronx, ya know? And then I was finally one of the lucky Bronx fans to witness them supporting Soundgarden and it was – I’m really sorry to say – deeply depressing. Not one single, gnarly, grumpy Soundgarden fan gave a shit about The Bronx. To witness all your favourite songs banged out with typical Bronx fervor but with no massive crowd rush, no fists to the back of the head, no writhing crowd surfers, no mate screaming in your ear…It wasn’t the same. And so as I stood, 20 metres from the stage, kicking out jams and generally being an annoyance to Soundgarden fans, I decided that it was incredibly cruel for The Bronx to make the decision to abandon their many, many, dedicated Melbourne fans in preference of the big support slot. I know dozens of people who sat at home, cursing their lack of funds, knowing somewhere out there in Melbourne, one of the best live bands in the world were making a ruckus and they were not able to witness it. That’s fucking cruel. And now we get the standard 12-18 month hiatus until they return again. Call me greedy but I call bullshit.


Fans of New York hardcore will be excited to hear that Sick Of It All will return once again to Australia with Agnostic Front this May on Resist’s New Y

ork United Tour. Sydney’s Toe To Toe are jumping on board as the local representatives making this one damn fine ticket. This will roll into Melbourne on Wednesday May 9 at The Hi-Fi Bar. Tickets on sale this Friday.


Underoath have revealed that they’ll headlining their own sidewave this March in Sydney and Melbourne only. They’ll be joined by local band and Rise Records signing Dream On Dreamer. These guys have booked in the Hi-Fi Bar on Monday February 27. Tickets are available now.


Destroy All Lines have announced a rather large international tour due to steam into the southern hemisphere this April. Pennsylvania’s August Burns Red and Arizona’s Blessthefall will co-headline an Australia-wide tour and they’re bringing Sydney’s metalcore up and comers Northlane along for the ride. Melbourne’s been treated to an overage (Sunday April 22 at Billboards) AND underage (Saturday April 21 at Billboards) show. Tickets are available from Friday.


Touche Amore’s Jeremy Bolm has launched his own label, Secret Voice, which is in partnership with Deathwish Inc. The label won’t be limited to just music releases, he said, “It’s an excuse to release different things that I fully believe in, whether it’s a record, book, video, etc.”


Last week UNFD records announced a new local signings in Sydney’s Buried In Verona. UNFD will release the band’s third full-length album Notorious (Notorious BIV?) this June. The band are currently in Sweden where they plan to tour, write and record with metal go-to-guy Frederik Nordstrom.


Arizona’s The Maine will join the huge New Found Glory/Taking Back Sunday/This Time Next Year show at Festival Hall in April. It’s certainly a huge venue to fill, so let’s hope four international acts can do the trick. Tickets are on sale now for the show on Easter Sunday April 8.


The Trapped Under Ice tour has also enlisted some further supports. The Sunday March 11 show at The Corner Hotel will now feature Outsiders Code and Phantoms. Tickets are up for grabs now.


Excellent Viking metal dudes Amon Amarth with return to Australia for a national tour this April for the first time since 2009. Locals Orpheus and Eye Of The Enemy will join them on the Surtur Rising Tour which hits Melbourne’s Billboards on Monday April 16.




Thursday February 9: Street Fangs, The Naxalites, Art Of Later at The Bendigo
No Way Out!, Trainwreck, Ill Vision, Divisions at Next

Friday February 10: I Exist, Anchors, Ill Vision, Outright at The East Brunswick Club
Bodies, Poison Oak, Ferry Tails, Mikey Madden at The Bendigo
Mondo Phase Band, Bad Aches, Rig Richard Insect at The Gasometer
Scott Kelly (Neurosis) and John Baizley (Baroness) at Corner Hotel

Saturday February 11: I Exist, In Trenches, Shit Weather, Backlash at Black Goat Warehouse (AA)
Filth Fest featuring The Mung, The Kill, Disentomb, Garbage Cuts and more
The Mission In Motion, The Aura Cura, D At Sea at Bang
Au Go Go Records Reunion Party feat Snout, The Onyas, Guttersnipes and more