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Core - August 8, 2012

There’s no shitter way to start a day than scrolling through your twitter feeds upon waking up and discovering that someone relevant, young and talented has died. When I saw the Tony Sly tweets last week my heart sank. I had only met Tony a couple of times when No Use For A Name toured, each time I remember him being modest and overwhelmingly friendly, which tends to be somewhat of a rarity when it comes to front men and /or rock stars. I listened to NUFAN’s entire catalogue that day and shed a couple dozen tears along the way. Songs like Feels Like Home, International You Do and Dumb Reminders were always gut wrenching but they’ll be utterly heartbreaking from here on in. If you are so inclined to turn your grief into goodwill, a fund has been set up by Tony’s family to support Tony’s two daughters. The Tony Sly Memorial Fund is now accepting donations.

Melbourne will get a second Tim Barry show this weekend at The Gasometer. If you missed out on Friday tickets you can now see Barry, Josh Small and local lass Lucy Wilson on Saturday August 11. Thanks Resist!


After recently revealing their new vocalist to tremendous intrigue, Hopeless will tour Sydney and Melbourne in the lead up to their second album. They’re hitting the Workers Club on Friday August 31 and Phoenix Youth Center on Saturday September 1. Pencil it in.


Poison City Records have added an acoustic show to their already tremendous Weekender Festival lineup. You can see Wil Wagner, Lincoln le Fevre, Lucy Wilson and Dave Drayton at The Old Bar from 2pm on Saturday September 15. Entry is $5 at the door.


Axewound – a new supergroup featuring Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine, Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats, Jason Bowld of Pitchshifter, Mike Kingswood of Glamour Of The Kill and Jo Copcutt of Rise To Remain – will officially release their debut album Vultures this October.


Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God has finally been released from a Prague prison on bail and is returning home to the USA. The band have already begun confirming new dates across the US. Randy will be making a no doubt relieved statement to fans in the coming week.


Details for this year’s Revolution Rock: A Tribute To Joe Strummer have been announced. This year The Reverence will host the gig on October 13. Bands are yet to be announced.


Soundwave have hinted that they’re likely to drop the 2013 lineup on us sometime this week. Of Mice and Men, Woe Is Me, Stone Sour, Blink 182, Cancer Bats, Kingdom Of Sorrow and Six Feet Under have already been confirmed. You can expect some big headliners as the price of the event will apparently rise by $20 a ticket and organizer AJ Maddah has warned that tickets will sell out quickly.


Bastardfest have almost confirmed the lineup for their upcoming show at The Espy. The Kill, King Parrot, Internal Nightmare were all locked in last week with one final ‘special guest headliner’ to be confirmed in coming weeks. Lock in November 3 to see these guys join Blood Duster, Astriaal, Fuck I’m Dead, Disentomb, I Exist, Extortion, Captain Cleanoff, Frankenbok and Broozer. Br00tal.


Blacklevel Embassy are back. After a short absence, these guys will release their third album New Veteran on October 1 via OSCL and Battle Worldwide Recordings. Blacklevel will open for Shellac when they play their sold out show at The Hi-Fi in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Festival.