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Core - April 11, 2012

I went away this Easter with a bunch of friends and proceeded to consume my bodyweight in rum and chocolate. As per our usual tradition we took it in turns to choose albums to submit one another to. This is usually tear-free considering we all share spectacular taste in music, but the fun and games came to a dramatic halt when one participant declared they had no preference in music… ever… in their life. This person could choose any song they wanted and they simply professed to not really liking any song in particular and for never really deriving any real importance or enjoyment out of music. My head just about imploded. Imagine not having excellent music to punctuate all those  wonderful phases in your life. Sometimes I look at my record collection and marvel at how each album has a story to it. Each represents a moment in time; a car ride, a dancefloor, an entire evening . And then there’s the albums that somehow change your disposition and the entire trajectory of your day. Case in point – The Weakerthans. I look at the world differently having studied John K Sampson’s lyrics and if you put his music on in any given environment, you’re likely to experience a far sweeter perspective on even the most mundane moments.  


Speaking of life affirming music, exciting news arose last week regarding local acts The Smith Street Band and Anchors (pictured).  The two Melbourne-based bands were confirmed as part of the first round of acts announced for The Fest 11 in Gainsville, Florida. The festival celebrated it’s tenth anniversary last October, featuring Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls and Against Me and drawing a huge Aussie contingent.


Sydney b and Buried In Verona will release their third album via UNFD this June, followed by a headlining tour with The Plot In You, In Hearts Wake and Silent Screams this June. The tour hits Melbourne’s Next nightclub on Thursday June 21 followed by Ringwood OLP on Friday June 22.


Frankie McLaughlin, frontman of Sydney’s folk punx The Rumjacks has apparently been jailed for 16 months on charges relating to domestic violence. The band cancelled scheduled performances when news broke but there has been no official comment from band or management.


Onno Cro-Mag and Roger Miret (Agnotic  Front) have formed a record label called Strength Records. The pair have commented “Strength Records stand for honesty, dignity and friendship. It will go back to the times when hardcore and punk was pure and without bullshit”. There are already two releases planned for the label including an album from Belgian old school warriors Hard Resistance.


Brisbane band Road To Ransome have announced an EP and a run of release shows this winter. Their EP Meanwhile In The Sky is available now and you can catch the guys play an all ages show at Musicland on Saturday June 30.