In the interest of expanding the scope and scale of CORE, in addition to filling in space, I would like to introduce a weekly write-in creative answer contest, open to all readers of Beat. This week’s question is as follows: in an alternate timeline of 1981 in Washington DC, Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye had his can of Coca Cola spiked with a tab of LSD by time travelling crust punks, in an effort to undermine his future influence on the scene and straight edge culture. Unfortunately for MacKaye, this has taken place moments before the band is set to record their 1981 7” In My Eyes. Discuss how this history altering sabotage will effect the sound and lyrical content of the landmark single and the future of hardcore. The best answer will receive a CORE related prize of my choosing. Send your answers via email to joesamhansen@gmail.com.
Glenn Danzig of Danzig, The Misfits and Samhain has released further details on his upcoming covers album. Reportedly titled Skeletons, the album will feature songs originally by ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, The Troggs, The Everly Brothers and more. Although without an official release date, Danzig has said that the album may be out within a month’s time. This album is to be released in addition to his previously announced covers EP of Elvis Presley songs.
Melbourne hardcore punks Clowns performed on triple j’s Like a Version program last Friday, covering The Sunnyboys’ 1981classic Alone With You. The band continues to tour in support of their second album Bad Blood, released in February on Poison City Records. Check out the cover on YouTube.
Leaps and Bounds Festival have joined forces with Poison City Records in their Labels of Love series, presenting a showcase of PCR talent, including The Meanies, Screamfeeder, Flour and Pale Heads. The bands will play on July 16 at The Shadow Electric Outdoor Cinema and Bar in Abbotsford. Tickets available now via Poison City.
Texas garage punks Radioactivity, featuring Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan of The Marked Men, have released a stream of their debut LP Silent Kill. The album is set to be released on July 2 via Dirtnap Records.
Bad Religion frontman and UCLA academic Greg Graffin has announced his third book. Entitled Population Wars, the book sets out to investigate the relationship between evolutionary theory and the development of human wars. A limited number of the books will be accompanied by a 7” with three acoustic versions of Bad Religion songs performed by Graffin. Population Wars follows his last book, 2010’s Evolution and Religion: Questioning the Beliefs of the World’s Eminent Evolutionists.