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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
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So Soundwave have confirmed those long-lingering rumours of a Title Fight / Touche Amore tour. Oddly, they also confirmed that the Melbourne show is scheduled to take place at one pretty big venue (Billboard) for two pretty teensy tiny bands. Excuse me for a moment while climb up on my high horse, and pensively stroke at my fictional moustache but this doesn't seem like an entirely sound decision. I caught both bands at South By Southwest this March (I am still on the aforementioned high horse. I have not yet dismounted. It's nice up here.) playing to 100 capacity venues and the energy was spectacular (the air, it's so much cleaner) but not quite as spectacular as the audience who took delight in ruining themselves jumping off ceiling-high speaker stacks. I can't help but think the venue size and the likely consequent price is likely to leave fans a little wary, with the bands hopefully filling a pretty cavernous room for two supremely awesome bands to play to on their first trip to Australia. It feels like no one really wins in this situation, including the peeps putting on the tour - if only 'cos I'm yearning to see them play a small show that goes a little off-the-grid insane. I'm not sure if it's my own overactive sentimentality speaking or not, but I really do feel the absence of The Arthouse already. There doesn't seem to be a venue in Melbourne that is capable of replacing it yet and it's becoming increasingly likely that there never will be.

Poison City have announced the details for their annual Weekender Festival that is scheduled to take place at The East Brunswick Club and The Tote this September. US band Bridge & Tunnel will headline, and be joined by popular local acts Screamfeeder, The Nation Blue, Mutiny, The Hawaiian Islands, Paper Arms, Fires Of Waco, Anchors, The Smith St Band, Fear Like Us, Grim Fandango, Arrows, The Gifthorse, Harmony, The Optionals, Headaches, The Scandal, Stolen Youth, Jen Buxton, Following Sea, Luca Brasi and Darren Gibson. Phew. Tickets are on sale right now, goddammit.


H20 have announced that they'll release a covers album in order to pay homage to their influences, or, perhaps, also in order to make some damn-easy money. The band will tip their hats to The Ramones, Dag Nasty, Madball, Rancid and more. It'll be out this spring via Bridge Nine Records.


The Nekromantix will release their first new album since the tragic death of their drummer Andy Martinez was killed in a car accident in 2009. The album, What Happens In Hell, Stays In Hell will be out this August 2 via Hellcat.


In a bid to replace Thrice after that very public drama, Soundwave Revolutions have added North Carolina post-hardcore act Alesana to their lineup. The band were previously scheduled to take a part in February's Soundwave but had to withdraw due to a difficult label change. The locations for the festival were also confirmed last week. Many locals were surprised to see that the Melbourne leg of Revolutions will take place at Tabcorp Park in Melton (around a half hour drive west of Melbourne). Tickets go on sale this Thursday.


Splendour sideshows are beginning to filter through (not from Kanye West through -sulkwhingewah). The Mars Volta have announced one show only at The Palace on August 7. Tickets will go on sale next Thursday.


Chris Cornell will bring his Songbook tour to Australian theatres this October after a hugely successful run in the US. Kinda serves as a consolation prize after all those rumours of Soundgarden headlining Soundwave Revolutions. Cornell will play an all ages show at St Kilda's Palais Theatre on October 19. Tickets are available next Friday.




Thursday June 2:


Lovers Grave, At War With Gods, Infected, Stick To The Shallows at Next


Friday June 3:


Abandon All Hope, Trainwreck, Endless Heights at Killer Nightclub


Airbourne, The Casanovas at The Palace


Calling All Cars, The Cairos, Strangers at Northcote Social Club


Coerce, True Radical Miracle, Viking Frontier, Hunter at The Tote


Fireballs, The Dark Shadows at The Hi Fi Bar


Saturday June 4:


Boozer, Agonhymn, Before Dawn, Blister Transistor at The Prague


Bronson, Involume, Reckless at Bang


Coerce at Catfood Press


Sunday June 5:


King Cannons, The Fearless Vampire Killers at The Loft, Warrnambool