Converge : The Dusk In Us

There's always a sense of worry with a new Converge release. While the band reinvented heavy music's wheel with Jane Doe many moons ago, they haven’t reached that early passion again. They’re in fine form with The Dusk In Us, but there’s a lack of that primal soul that drew people to them in the first place.
For those who like their metal tight, clean and fast – this one’s for you. For those who’ve been tuned in for the last few albums, it’s a typical modern-era Converge release. Make of that what you will.
There’s a handful of tracks that stick out, showing a side of Converge that still aims to capture the imagination of their listeners. Opener ‘A Single Tear’shows a sense of uncharacteristic restraint. It’s a moment of sentience from a band who realise they can’t shred their way to maintain contemporary relevance.
If there’s two tracks that shine (besides the commendable ‘A Single Tear’), they’d be ‘Arkhipov Calm’ for the challenging riffs and time signatures, then ‘Cannibals’ for a respectably fierce power violence tune. Otherwise, we’ve got another Converge record – good for a listen, but you probably won’t be spinning it in a year’s time.