Conspiracy Corner: Guy Fieri, the bloke from Smash Mouth, and Violent J are the same person

Have you ever seen the three of them in the same place at the same time?

Like most conspiracy theories, there isn’t much evidence to back up the theory that Guy Fieri, Steve Harwell (Smash Mouth) and Joseph Bruce (AKA Violent J from Insane Clown Posse) are one person other than the fact that the three of them look eerily alike, but don't go brushing it off just yet, there might be some merit to this theory. Let’s dig in.

Not only do Fieri, Harwell and Violent J all share the same physical attributes - the same stature, bleached hair, goatees and uncannily similar facial features - but they appear to have the same personal style too. Coincidence? Perhaps. But what’s more irrational? The idea that that three celebrities, each famous for entirely different reasons, are in fact the same person or that three grown men could all have a penchant for spiked up, bleach-blonde hairdos, short sleeve button up shirts (usually featuring some sort of flames) and speed-dealer sunglasses. 

While Fieri and Harwell have been spotted in the same place numerous times, with photographic evidence and a television appearance to prove it, when has visual evidence such as photographs or video documentation ever thwarted a good conspiracy theory? Besides, the two appearing in the same room together doesn’t debunk the follow-up theory that the three of them are all clones. Whilst Fieri and Harwell have been spotted together on the odd occasion, neither have ever been seen sharing the company of Violent J. 

The three (or one) of them also share a bad temper which often leads them to throwing objects at their unsuspecting victims. Insane Clown Posse became notorious for spraying their crowds with soft drink, even cancelling one show when they venue forebode them from letting the shaken up fizzy beverage loose. Meanwhile, Harwell tried to throw himself at a crowd that very same year after the audience began to shower him in pieces of bread whilst Fieri, that very same year, chucked an autographed Lean Cuisine meal at a bunch of people.

While Harwell and Violent J are known for their musical abilities, the three are all talented in the kitchen. Fieri is not only a famous restaurateur but has also penned a number of cookbooks. You know who else who has a cookbook? Steve Harwell. Harwell’s Recipes From The Road is basically the written equivalent of Fieri’s TV show Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives - each exploring a range of eateries across America - with Harwell’s book even featuring a couple of recipes credited to Fieri himself. 

Not convinced? Then consider this. American diner T.G.I Fridays plays a significant role in the trio’s lives, Violent J met his wife in a T.G.I. Fridays while Guy Fieri is endorsed by the venue which just so happens to play Smash Mouth on repeat daily – probably the only venue worldwide for which this can be said. Three celebrities who are all linked to a chain of budget restaurants seems a bit fishy.

This is where things start to get really interesting, when Harwell and Fieri famously appeared together on an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, Fieri referred to Harwell as ‘his brother from another mother’ which was definitely not in jest and was 100% a confirmation that the two are in fact clones of Violent J.

In other food-related news, all three of the dudes have a weird weakness for mac ‘n' cheese. Violent J spoke in an interview of how his last meal would be his mum’s cheesy potatoes or cheesy noodles, Fieri has his own mac ‘n' cheese recipe called the Mac Daddy Mac N’ Cheese and it’s widely alleged there was once a Kraft cheese ad which contained a version of Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ that sang “somebody once told me the world is macaroni”.

While we may have proved that these three guys probably aren’t the same person, due to two of them being friends who have appeared on TV together and such, but there is more evidence to support the idea that they are all clones than there is against that theory, so it’s pretty safe to say that we've gotten to the bottom of this case.