Confidence Man : Confident Music for Confident People

In the lead up to this debut album, it feels like Brisbane’s Confidence Man have been everywhere, from Falls Festival to Splendour in the Grass. They’ll be partway through the Groovin’ the Moo circuit when Confident Music for Confident People drops, before they head over to Europe for a run of shows.

If you’ve managed to catch one of Confidence Man’s many live shows over the past few months, you’ll know just how much fun they are. The stage looks and feels something like one of the nightclub scenes in an Austin Powers film, and the music kind of accompanies that too. It’s fun, but in a rather absurd kind of way. Luckily this absurdity translates quite well to a full-length release.

Existing singles ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’, ‘Bubblegum’ and ‘Better Sit Down Boy’ are all here in their cheesy and groove-worthy glory. Newest single ‘Don’t You Know I’m in a Band’ is as hilarious as it is catchy. Album opener ‘Try Your Luck’ is a great introduction if you’ve never heard the group before, as it sounds arrogant, in an endearing way, and ridiculous. Hilarity, ‘60s beats, the super sweet vocals of Janet Planet contrasted with the bassy tones of Sugar Bones’ voice make up the essence of any Confidence Man song, and it’s the same recipe for the whole album.

‘C.O.O.L. Party’ is an entertaining tale of being a ‘cool party girl, in a cool party world’ and attending the “party of the year”. It’s about as funny as it sounds too. Over the course of eleven tracks, Confidence Man prove that while they’re funny and quirky, they’re certainly no gimmick.