Clowns : Lucid Again


It seems a little strange that you’d open a record with a six-minute track, but on Melbourne punk collective Clowns’ new album Lucid Again, it works. It’s a slow build to the middle of the chorus, but when the band kicks into gear, it sounds like a combination of Brian Jonestown Massacre and (to a lesser extent) Tame Impala.
It’s easy to see that this is a band on the rise. With more to say than ever, this album is loud, abrasive, rough and ready to go. Thundering drum and psychedelic guitar greets your ears as you delve into Like a Knife At A Gunfight. There’s a lo-fi ‘70s tinge to this punk rock, but it’s definitely one to entice you further and further into the moshpit. Stevie Williams’ vocals are full of conviction and emotion, and the band sounds as tight as they have ever been.
On their third album, Clowns have delivered a highly charged set of tracks, ready to explode. There’s only one way to listen to this impressive new album – and that’s loud.
By Tex Miller