The Citradels : 'Fuck The Hits: Vol. 1'

With their ninth album, The Citradels prove they're one of Melbourne's most prolific bands.

The Citradels are coming in hot with their second album of 2018. Fuck The Hits: Vol. 1 sees the five-piece dive into another pool of experimentation, fusing early ‘60s pop with dreamy psychedelic synths, leaving songs to drift in and out of focus.

The album slides into a promising start with single ‘Song For Ava’, cocooned in colourful orchestral instrumentation and warm vocals. ‘The Oriel Window’ evokes The Beach Boys, floating in undulations of subtle percussion. Slowing things down is stand out number ‘In Each Others Arms’, where space sounds meander through cascading melodies while choir harmonies emit shivers.

The band play with church bells and organs in ‘I Do (Love You)’, leading into the glistening sweetheart of the album ‘Passover’, a tender gem.

The album dwindles with ‘Seat at the Table’,  a haunting and melancholic tune where acoustic guitar picking contrasts to the jangling, catchy riffs featured throughout the album. Evidently, the band aren’t afraid to take different directions in their music, though at times this leads the record to sound disjointed. Nevertheless, The Citradels are undoubtedly a band to watch out for.