Citizen : As You Please


Rather than simply emulating the massive success of their first album release Youth, or caving into the lukewarm reviews of their last feature-length effort, Citizen have pulled their sound into a blend of both, taking the best elements and combining it into something truly beautiful. The melodic instruments and forceful vocals of ‘Jet’ immediately demand attention and call back to the highlights of Youth, while ‘You Are A Star’ brings forth the stripped-back, ‘90s aesthetic of Everyone is Going to Heaven, offering the best of both worlds.
But it’s songs like ‘Flowerchild’ and ‘I Forgive No One’ that really showcase the new golden era of Citizen’s sound, blending and arranging these elements into something that sounds refreshing and more importantly, catchy as all hell. Mat Kerekes’s vocals dance from calm and easy-going to a scratchy, pop-punk shout in a way that seems natural.
It could be your first time listening to anything by Citizen, or you could be a veteran fan that’s weathered the ups and the downs of each release since the Young States EP. Either way, you’ll fall head over heels for As You Please. I know I did.