Circa Waves change the game once again with their new album 'What's It Like Over There'

Another stunning left-turn from the Liverpudlians.

Circa Waves are proving themselves to be the new chameleons of indie-rock. With their first album in 2015, the Liverpudlians introduced themselves with an upbeat, summery vibe, but only two years later they flipped to a darker, more aggressive sound. 

Now with the release of their third album, What’s It Like Over There?, they’ve transformed themselves again, combining their guitar-led pop with rock stompers of the piano-led persuasion. 

Like many British artists in the past, singer Kieran Shudall was influenced on their tours through America, which inspired many songs on the album. Tracks ‘Me, Myself and Hollywood’, self-described as a combination of an Arctic Monkeys-esque guitar riff and a Drake influenced chorus, and ‘Movies’, one of their most danceable tunes, both exude Americana, even namedropping cinema classic Rebel Without a Cause. 

Epic singalong, ‘Times Won’t Change Me’, contains one of the band’s best hooks yet in the form of a catchy-as-hell piano riff while there is a greater emphasis on steady beats across the LP, as opposed to their constant freneticism in the past. What’s It Like Over There? is a more contemplative ride than Different Creatures and Young Chasers and displays a growing variety in Circa Waves’ discography. 


By James Robertson