Tell us about your music? When I first started writing I tried to write fictional stories and because of that I couldn’t find the connection to the songs. The last one or two years I’ve adapted my writing and forced myself to dig deep, to be more personal,  leading to my music being quite emotional.
Do you prefer playing live or in the studio? There’s something truly incredible about working in a studio, to hear everything in fine detail. To create and experiment, especially with others – there’s nothing quite like it. But, nothing beats the connection of you and your music with an audience. To play and emotionally connect with people, through melody and lyric, it’s my favourite experience as an audience member and something I strive to give through every performance.
What do you think is vital to becoming a great songwriter? Passion drives everything. Passion drives your creation. But being equally vulnerable opens you up to the world, opens you up to emotion, to understanding, to be open to making mistakes and learning from them.
Tell us about your first gig? It was at a grungy bar in Frankston. My nerves were through the roof. I played to a room of about 30 people, most of them my family, neighbours and friends. My mum framed the poster of my first gig, which I still have in my studio today
If you could play a dream gig with any three artists, who would they be? Banks, Dave Grohl and Adele.

Chmbrs will perform as part of the Real Songwriters of Melbourne showcase at the Workers Club on Sunday March 19.