Chinatown Angels

Chinatown Angels form a part of the pretty vibrant glammy hard rock scene that is happening in Melbourne at the moment. Bands such as Fastrack, Reckless, Dead Star Renegade and Heaven The Axe are drawing very solid crowds across the city at the moment, and hope for a return to the glory days of 1987 when cock-rock ruled the planet.  Despite having more than a slight touch of the flu, the band’s drummer Adam joined Beat recently to chat about their upcoming debut single, its launch show this week and the future plans of this high octane dirty rock band.

“It’s [the single launch] been a bit of a long time coming,” he states, through the sniffles and congestion, “zee’ve had a few setbacks in the last year and a half or so. A couple of members changed, some people had to move overseas, which sort of set us back time and again. We’re finally in that position now where we can confidently release something, and get behind it without having to worry about someone having to go overseas, or whatever the situation is. So yeah, from that aspect we’re really looking forward to it. We’re really looking forward to getting out there, getting it over with and getting onto the next thing!”
The band launch their debut this Friday night at the Cherry Bar, and plan to have the single itself released to the web the same day, to coincide with the show. “The single’s called Nasty” he reveals, “It’s not online or anything yet, it’s going to hit iTunes on Friday, we’re going to do it all in one hit.


“We’re not really reinventing the wheel with it,” he continues, regarding the single, “It’s pretty much just down and dirty rock and roll, it’s loud, heavy rock and roll. It’s a track that you can party to, drink to, but it’s catchy enough I think that you will hopefully want to listen to it again!” he laughs, “It’s pretty raw, we’ve kept it pretty raw and close to the bone, made sure it wasn’t too overproduced and what not. We recorded it predominately live. We’ve lost that in the past sometimes I guess when we’ve done things. But yeah, we’re happy with how it turned out.”


Melbourne rock punters are urged to get down to the Cherry Bar this Friday to check Chinatown Angels out, as their reputation for putting on a completely kick-arse rock show is spreading like wildfire. Adam described the band’s live show for the uninitiated punter: “The live sound is really in your face,” he describes, “It’s really loud and in your face but at the same time we make sure that what we’re singing is always audible!” he chuckles, “You can come and see the show and you’ll get exactly what you got on the disc. Obviously with a bit of a live touch to it. But in terms of the show, a straight up rock and roll show, no bullshit, no gimmicks, no weird stuff going on, just plugging in and going for it really!”


Beyond the single and its launch, the band have plans to release a full album at some stage in the next six to eight months, make a major name for themselves in Australia and then get their sound, songs and live show out to overseas markets.


“We were delayed for quite a while, because we were wondering what was going on, but the songs that we’re bringing out, we’ve had those in the can for a while, and now we’ve got a whole album’s worth of new stuff sitting around, that we feel is better. I guess you always feel like that [with new stuff],” he smiles, “We’ll just do a quick run of shows, do Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane with this, and our next plan is to…we did this for people get some sort of idea of what the band is about. When we do drop the album, which I would say is in six months time exactly, it’s sort of not coming out of nowhere. Even though it’s only a single, people will know what’s coming. So yeah, six months for sure, we’ll be going in in the next month I’d say.


“Australia’s a funny sort of market,” he says, regarding longer term plans for the band, “There’s dozens of good bands in Australia who’ll play every weekend around Australia, only getting 150 payers. There’s only so far you can go here…our longer term goals are, we want to get something solid happening in Europe, and we’ve been talking to some labels in the States. Basically get some stuff out there, and pick up some tours from that with some of the bands over there. Basically just build from the ground up over there. What we want to do is by this time next year hopefully just have a couple of quick runs in Europe or Japan or whatever, and start getting stuff out there a bit more worldwide. That’s what we hope to do.”


We wish them the very best of luck.

Chinatown Angels launch their debut single Nasty this Friday September 16 at the Cherry Bar with Mammoth Mammoth and Bunny Monroe.