The Cherry Dolls threw down a raging set at the Gaso

Proving why they are one the most exciting live bands in Melbourne at the moment.

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Zachary Snowdon Smith

The small yet cosy atmosphere of the Gaso’ was steadily filling up with people as Nathan Wong kicked the night off with his soulful tunes. Then, Girl Germs sizzled up the stage with their feisty punk spirit, opening the stage for Port Royal to cause waves with their infectious rock‘n’roll.
The fiery vibe only intensified when the Cherry Dolls emerged, as they launched straight into their new track ‘Mouth Breather’, immediately throwing their crowd into an excited frenzy. The Dolls were in their element, manifesting their energy through catchy riffs and frontman Joshua Aubry’s frenzied vocals.
‘Crystal Pistol’ was a firecracker, really unleashing the rock‘n’roll essence that encapsulates the band. They give off the vibe of not taking themselves too seriously -- they just want to let loose and have fun with their audience. This was particularly evident with their performance of ‘Endless Party’, an easygoing surfy track that allowed you to settle in and enjoy the show.
The Dolls then ripped through another new track, ‘Around and Around’, and it was here that their unbridled energy came to the fore. ‘Black and Blue’ was another highlight of the set, with its scratchy riffs and garage jam vibes -- this really resonated well with the crowd, who by at this stage of the night were amped up by the energy circulating through the venue.
After tearing through 'Slave', The Cherry Dolls ended with a fantastic performance of ‘Crawling Part 2’, displaying their lively spirit and their remarkable talent. The band are here to fire up Melbourne’s rock‘n’roll scene, and this show was more evidence of that. 
Highlight: ‘Crystal Pistol’.
Lowlight: I wished the set was longer.
Crowd favourite: ‘Slave’.