Cherry Bar Teams With Jägermeister For Awards

Jägermeister has teamed up with Cherry Bar to launch the inaugural Cherry Awards.

James Young, owner of the Cherry Bar told Beat that he was sick of other awards where only established acts win, or one act wins all the trophies, or rock acts tend to get overlooked. “I book over 1,200 different acts a year at Cherry, 99% have zero chance of even being nominated in Australia's major music awards,” Young stated. “Some of these bands are brilliant. And these bands really really need the leg-up. Winning an award, even a Cherry Award, can have genuinely positive impact on this band. It gives them something to leverage.”
Young has an issue with how rock acts tend to be overlooked at awards, despite the huge turn-out for a rock-orientated festival like Soundwave. “Let there be rock, for fuck’s sake," he exclaimed.
The Cherry Awards will centre on rock, soul and blues bands who played at the Cherry.  The 12 categories will be divided into which nights they played, along with “promise” categories and Act of the Year.

The Cherry Awards will be held at Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane, CBD, on Wednesday December 18.