Cherry Bar announces Cherry Matinees

Bringing rock'n'roll into the daytime hours. 

Trying to pick a gig on a Saturday night can be a task in and of itself, with so many great venues and bands contending with one another - and sometimes you just want an early night rather than trudging off to an 11pm gig after a big work week. With that said, nobody wants to miss out on seeing a great gig or kicking back with mates at the pub, so Cherry Bar has come up with a solution. 

Cherry Matinees is bringing headline slot worthy bands into the afternoon, so you can get your gig fix at 1pm instead of 12am. The new series comes just in time for the chilly evenings, so you can now stay in bed at night when the temperatures start to plummet without missing out on a thing. 

Launching Cherry Matinees is a residency from '70s rock-inspired outfit Fluff, who will be joined by a huge selection of support acts such as La Bronco, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans and Redro Redriguez & His Inner Demons over the weeks. Best of all, entry is free - so you can head home before dinner time with a pocket full of cash. 

Cherry Matinees will take place at Cherry Bar every Saturday at 1pm from Saturday July 14.