Chelsea Bleach

Who are we chatting to? Prani, and I’m a guitarist.
You lot have an EP coming out shortly. Could you tell us more about it? Our debut EP, Decent Connections is about the connections between people, and with the world around us. Our first single Public Safety deals with the idea that women, non-binary and visibly queer people are often treated like our bodies are public property.
Do you prefer playing live or in the studio? We wouldn’t love being in a band nearly as much if we couldn’t play in front of a crowd of friends and have a good time.
What’s your opinion on women in music as it stands today? As a band made up of women and non-binary people, we try not to concern ourselves with this question. Instead of trying to push into a punk scene dominated by men, our band and our friends’ bands sort of created our own scene. I think the underground queer scene in Melbourne is thriving right now. The mainstream will catch on eventually.
If you could pick three bands for a dream lineup, who would they be and why? Rihanna, because she is the epitome of a badarse who does what she wants and is proud of herself. Sleater-Kinney because they were an important influence for us and allowed us to see that rock wasn’t just for men. No Doubt because their music was fab.

Chelsea Bleach will launch Decent Connections at the Tote on Friday January 20.