A chat with rising Perth country rockers The Little Lord Street Band

The West Australian Music Award winners have just released their new EP, Waking Up Next To You.

How did The Little Lord Street Band come together in the first place?
Tash and I (Jim) had been doing shows around Perth for pocket money when we were asked to open for The Whitlams. The catch was that we needed a better name. We lived on Lord Street, being a two-piece at the time we were little… Bam!
How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?
We started out as an acoustic folk duo. But now with the addition of bass, drums and electric guitar, we’ve been labelled as a country rock band. We’re happy to run with that category but we’re not a band to be pigeonholed.
Tell us a little bit more about your new EP. How did it come together and what has the response been like?
The response so far has been awesome. This EP is about the relationship between Tash and myself. We do almost everything together and it can be testing, it’s a lot of love, a bit of hate which comes back to love which leads to a few songs.
You guys also performed at BIGSOUND this year. What did you guys gain from that experience?
There is so much talent in this country and BIGSOUND was just a taste of it. We made some great contacts, played some great shows and partied (I think I’m still recovering).
What is the Perth music scene like? Is there a strong support base for emerging musicians such as yourself?  
There certainly is support for upcoming musicians. I do think there should be more live music venues (certainly in the suburbs). But for the venues that are there along with local and other media, it is very healthy.
What can we expect from your upcoming shows?
We’re currently playing in duo format on this tour so it’s very intimate with two guitars and a stomp box (but we can be loud if need be) we’ll be airing each other’s dirty laundry in the form of stage banter and doing our best to entertain! 

The Little Lord Street Band's new EP Waking Up Next To You is out now. Check it out via their Bandcamp.