A chat with Heartland Records ahead of Record Store Day 2019

How is your record store different from other record stores? 

Not sure from firsthand experience as I don’t get out to other shops much these days but would guess that after 25 years in business we have some kind of unique character about us. We don’t tend to take ourselves too seriously while, at the same time, trying to remain professional – a difficult balancing act at the best of times.

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting to collect records and doesn’t know where to begin? 

Just buying good condition and not overpriced items, don’t panic you WILL see it again. Keep you records clean and store well. DO NOT lend them to friends!

What will be your most popular record on Record Store Day? 

Always hard to say with such an extensive list as usual. We always do well with Bowie, Prince, U2 I think Midnight Oil should sell well along with CSN&Y, Mastodon, Motorhead, and Sunn, among others.

Why is Record Store Day such an important day on the calendar? 

It’s always such a great day with a nice vibe. After all the hard work leading up to the event it’s nice to be able to relax and just sell records and chat, plus drinks after of course. 

What do you have in store for Record Store Day 2019? Do you have any specials and will you have live music on the day?

No live music due to annoying neighbours, but we will be putting out a large collection of quality secondhand vinyl for the day. Plus staff member Ruby will be making a playlist for the day so it won’t be just Hawkwind and Neil Young for a change!



Find Heartland Records at 420-422 Victoria St, North Melbourne this Saturday April 13 for Record Store Day or at heartlandrecords.com.au