A chat with Eggy about their new single ‘52 AFLW Players’

How did Eggy first come together?

Eggy formed to play a Halloween party in 2016. We played an instrumental original and it was super weird. Then we played ‘Hot Stuff’ by Donna Summer and someone kept “accidentally” kicking out the power board. Then two of my friends “accidentally” fell through the loungeroom wall and we became a band. 

Tell us about your new single ‘52 AFLW Players’. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

When I was uploading the single to Bandcamp I inadvertently clicked on a pop up and now my computer has a virus and I’m real scared you’ll get it so please don’t download the single. In terms of the songwriting, Zoe had four long blacks in a row and decided to try to rip off The B-52s.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

Beat milk, salt and pepper in a medium bowl until blended. Heat butter in a large non-stick skillet over medium heat until hot. Pour in eggy mixture. Continue cooking – pulling, lifting and folding eggs – until thickened and no visible liquid remains. Do not stir constantly. Add a heap o’ chilli. 

There’s The B52s written all over Eggy. Are they the band’s primary inspiration?

Zoe once entered raffle and her ticket number was B52 and it was literally the best day of her life. It’s still her display picture on her socials – ‘Party Out of Bounds’ is the one of the best songs ever written. This answer is exactly 52 words, so there you go.

Any new music or upcoming shows that Eggy fans should be keeping an eye out for?

We’ve got an EP coming out midyear, so keep your ear peeled.



Check out Eggy’s new B52s-inspired single ‘52 AFLW Players’ via Bandcamp. They play the Grace Darling Hotel on Wednesday March 13.