A chat with Darvid Thor

Already a member of The Cactus Channel, what compelled you to establish something away from a band that’s already achieving great things?

Playing, writing and producing music with more than seven people is a pretty normal thing, so the main reason was a keenness to start writing something different and see how my process would evolve in solo mode. The other reason was to explore lyrics and my voice. I’ve never written lyrics or really sung in anything else, so to be able to tell more of a story and process some things that needed to be worked out through lyrics was really special.

Tell us about your new single ‘Get Out’. What inspired it?

Lyrically it’s about trying to get out of your own way, trying to remember to cut yourself some slack every now and then. I was also really keen to try and sing in a different voice – drawled and more spoken than sung, and in a lower register.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

I don’t really know if I can answer that question yet. As a band we’ve only played two shows, and solo I’ve only done one. Woozy bedroom pop is maybe where I currently sit. 

Got any shows coming up?

Supporting Hannah Kate on Friday January 25 and Tram Cops on Friday February 1, but other than that just a couple of solo shows and working on getting more happening. Hopefully a mini-tour in late March.

Aside from that, is there any new music that Darvid Thor fans should be keeping their eye out for?

I’m putting out another track from my upcoming mini-album on Friday February 8. It’s called ‘Anything’ and will have an accompanying video. But my debut mini-album will be out on Friday March 1. 



Darvid Thor’s track ‘Anything’ arrives Friday February 8. He’ll be playing The Gasometer on Friday January 25 and Friday February 1. Grab your ticks via the venue website.