A chat with COLU

You guys met at a party and now you’re making incredible music together. How did you two connect?

Kieran Fergusson: A few years ago we moved in together. We went for a walk one morning and [James] Manteit pitched me this idea of an experimental pop project. He could hardly hold a note, but I saw untapped potential in his ambition. 60 songs, two years and three sharehouses later, we have our first single. 

Tell us about your debut single ‘SCHOLAR’. What is the story behind it? What inspired it?

Manteit: I went through a rough break-up. One night, Kieran and I split a bottle of vodka and just went in the booth. The vodka had me feeling cocky, I was fed up with a lot of people coming at me, so I just vented it all out.

What do you love about making music?

Manteit: I love that I get to express myself. I share my stories and scars, which not only helps me but the listener too. I hope it brings them up; through music we’re never really alone in what we go through.

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?

Fergusson: I think dark pop is the most fitting label. It’s ambitious, potent, and born from a drive to do something different. We wanted to bring the feeling of soundscapes and film scores, the energy of hip hop and the addictive simplicity of pop music all to the table.

Any new music or tour news coming up that COLU fans should keep an eye out for?

Fergusson: We have so much music up our sleeves. This might be our first release, but we have so many more locked and loaded.



Check out COLU’s new single ‘SCHOLAR’ via Spotify.