'Chasing Gold' is another emotive effort from Dustin Tebbutt

Including a touching cover of RUFUS DU SOL.

Dustin Tebbutt has a way of tugging on your heartstrings. Maybe it’s his beautiful guitar playing, soft vocals or emotive lyrics, but his music tends to stir something inside you, and his latest EP is no different. 

There’s not a single disappointing track on the Chasing Gold EP, which is an impressive feat for any musician. Granted, there aren’t that many, but seven songs is still a good effort for an EP, and it’s just the right amount to keep you poised and waiting for more. 

Tunes like ‘Love Is Blind’ and ‘Satellite’ explore the ins and outs of human relationships, which is a dominant theme in much of Tebbutt’s work. Lyrically, they’re deceptively simple. The kind of songs where you can easily get lost in the pretty melodies and acoustics, but they still convey an emotional depth when you tune into the words.  

One song will sound particularly familiar – especially for Rüfüs Du Sol fans – as Tebbutt joined forces with Lisa Mitchell to record a very stripped back and haunting cover of ‘Innerbloom’. The popular dance track feels completely different in this folk re-imagining, but works surprisingly well as an acoustic duet.  

Chasing Gold is a lot more stripped back than Tebbutt’s previous material, allowing us a very raw and vulnerable look into the songwriter and his works.