Chasing Ghosts are taking over Melbourne with a mammoth 21-show run

Because the yearning for rock in this city never subsides, Chasing Ghosts are jumping on a raucous 21-show run through Melbourne and its surrounds.

Following on from the release of their lauded 2016 album, I Am Jimmy Kyle, the six-piece have quickly solidified themselves as a fierce workhorse capable of infusing just as much energy into their live shows as their recordings.


Without a doubt one of the most prolific bands meandering through Melbourne's music scene as we speak, their sophomore record was a glorious revelation in songwriting, highlighted by lead tracks Jane Doe and Anthem For Bastards, Liars & Cheats. The haunting ballad Death cemented Chasing Ghosts' versatility, exposing their ability to step into the unknown and uncovered a more poignant side to the punk troubadours. 


Accompanying their electric six-piece live show, Chasing Ghosts will also unearth its more intimate side with a number of solo performances.


Chasing Ghosts will visit venues such as Cherry Bar, The Creators Lounge, The Irish and Prince Public Bar between Saturday April 29 and Sunday June 4. Check out the bands' Facebook page for tickets.