Chase Rice : Lions & Lambs

After a recent split from Colombia Records, Chase Rice has had to re-invent himself. While distancing himself from songs about beer, parties, and the ‘bro-country’ style, Rice has produced an album that has a little bit of everything.
On ‘Lions’, the haunting voices of a children’s choir add a new dynamic to the song. ‘Amen’ is an emotional ballad, showing a different raw side to Rice. The tenderness in his vocals is clear. ‘Three Chords & The Truth’ continues showcasing this softer side. ‘Saved Me’ is a truthful look into Chases’ hard-partying lifestyle, which seems to have taken its toll. He admits to drinking too much, burning bridges and living on the edge. Though not all the songs are slow, emotional and passionate – there are still hints of the old Chase Rice throughout. It’s ‘Jack Daniels Showed Up’ that brings the party back.
Overall, this album is raw, passionate and poignant. The vulnerability on show wasn’t apparent on his previous record, and the focus on his faith, relationships and trying to survive the tough times is a fresh change. It’s nice to see that Rice can step out of the party and show some heart.