The Charlies

Who are we chatting to? You’re chatting to Rachael and I’m the guitarist (who also sings, but we all sing).
How did The Charlies get together? The three of us are really close friends who met while studying Jazz at Monash Uni. We’ve been friends for years and were all writing our own music and running our own bands, when Jess suggested we do a gig together and sing harmonies on each other’s tunes.  After that gig, we looked at each other and thought, this was too fun, we need to start a band together.
Tell us about your sound and what influences it? Our sound is still evolving because we’re not even a year old yet. I think the cohesive element is the three-part vocal arrangements. We love singing in harmonies and spend a lot of time arranging our songs so that they have interesting vocal lines. We all have very different influences musically, but at the moment we are all seriously into Emily King.
You’ve just played your first all originals set. How was that experience? Terrifying and great at the same time. It’s such a pleasure having two of your best friends on stage with you, playing music that you’ve all crafted together, it’s very special.
What is your favourite cover to play live and why? ‘Distance’ by Emily King. It’s a super groovy tune with killer harmonies.
What’s your favourite part of making music? I love the way that music brings people together; to play together or to listen to a band with your friends. For me personally, I love making music because it allows me to process what’s going on in my life and creatively present what I’m learning about being a human, and hopefully that resonates with people.
What can we expect from a The Charlies performance? Tasty harmonies and funny banter. 

The Charlies will perform at Coburg Night Market on Friday December 8 with Mandy Connell Trio, Fem Belling, Quarter Street Orchestra, and Jungle City Studios.