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Celadore : The Bright And Blue

Back with their second EP since the quietly celebrated debut Distance Is a Gun, Melbourne three-piece Celadore offer up another slice of melodic pop-rock mastery with The Bright and Blue.


While the opening bars of Bakery may bear the markings of many distinctly average pop-punk outfits that have come before, by the end of the track its clear there's a little more going on here.


Celadore's feel for song writing and composition is well beyond their years and when paired with Michael Cooper's vocals and intelligent lyrics, there's not a whole lot to grumble about. While Bakery straddles the line between beautifully composed pop-rock and generic pop-punk (while sounding a little like Jimmy Eat World) the remaining three tracks are nothing if not perfectly infectious.


Kinks In Armor is moody and grungy with a chorus that grabs your ear'oles and doesn't let go. Monsters At The Public Hall is an exercise in how to write a melody that sticks and contains some of the best lyrics on the EP ("Spent these last few weeks/Like foreign currency").


Burn Down The Lighthouse brings proceedings to a soothing finish and rounds off an EP that could easily be a late contender for one of the best local releases of the year. When a band as fresh-faced as Celadore sound as good as they do so early on in their career, it's a sign of a group that's got the potential to go the distance.



Best Track: Monsters At The Public Hall



In A Word: Celamore

The Bright And Blue is out now through Popboomerang