The Cat Empire put on a show for young and old at Melbourne Zoo Twilights

Believe it or not, The Cat Empire are approaching their 20th anniversary.  

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Country Rock Shotz

As the crowd wandered into Melbourne Zoo on what was the perfect summer evening it was clear that these were the original fans of the early 2000s, kids in tow.
As long as our animal friends are comfortable with the arrangement, the Zoo is the perfect venue for an outdoor show – especially in summer, and especially with a band like The Cat Empire.  Burgers, falafel, and cider was being consumed in great quantities alongside the mandatory picnic food while little people climbed on huge, colourful statues of the Corroboree Frog.
By the time The Cat Empire took the stage, the crowd of mostly 30 and 40-somethings were a little merry and also a bit exhausted from trying to stop their offspring breaking into the reptile house.  They were ready to party, and weren’t disappointed.
The Cat Empire have always delivered a great live show. A bit ska, a bit jazz, a bit of Latin influence – on paper they’re the perfect live band. For those who aren’t hardcore fans it’s easy to forget how many good songs the Empire have produced over the years. Hits like ‘So Many Nights’ and ‘Brighter Than Gold’ really landed, and it was clear the band were having as much fun as their sprawling audience.
Some might say it could’ve been tighter, it could’ve been smoother, but it was a whole lot of fun.  The biggest disappointment was that ‘Hello’ and ‘Days Like These’ didn’t make an appearance – it was bedtime for the Zoo, no encore allowed.
Highlight: The horns. The wonderful, party-starting horns.              
Lowlight: Losers who think it’s funny to yell at animals.
Crowd Favourite: ‘The Chariot’.