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Cashier No. 9 : To The Death Of Fun

Belfast is a hotbed of a certain type of vibrant harmony drenched music. Think Van Morrison and The Divine Comedy. Cashier No. 9 join the queue and present one of the brilliant records of the year and a debut full of promise and cascading melodies. Do not be fooled by the comfortable texture of the music or you will be blinded by fools gold. To The Death Of Fun is as ominous as it sounds. Cashier No. 9 sing about 'every man', the commoner in all of us. When David Todd sings "My track record is so misleading/ l waged my war intent on succeeding' No friend would pay the bills of mine" on Goldstar you can hear the palpable cogs of the daily grind. This song sets the high standard for the rest of the album and is like a pub crawl through Belfast. You cannot quite remember all the details, but can be assured of having had a good time.


Sharing a surname with an Irish legend, although different spelling, Stuart Magowan maintains a muscular bass backbone. Make You Feel Better is strangely reminiscent of Lloyd Cole & The Commotions. The finely tuned sense of light, but not necessarily slight intent, makes for uncomplicated music that will not frighten the neighbours but will provide plenty to mull over. Try Flick Of The Wrist, a song which has what a good song should have, shading, dynamics, progression. And it ends with a sinister note.


A Promise Wearing Thin could be Aztec Camera as it seeks to redefine what our ears are used to hearing in 2011. It is a throwback to the best moments of Eighties jangle and the orchestral dalliances of Echo & The Bunnymen. "To The Death Of Fun" will charm for a long time and continue delivering surprises. One can only hope that the band can return with further offerings of such quality because the anthemic edifice has been constructed.



Best Track: Make You Feel Better


If You Like These, You'll Like: The Clientele, Keane, Echo & The Bunnymen


In A Word: Flawless



(Bella Union)