Cash Savage And The Last Drinks drop 'Pack Animals' film clip

'Pack Animals' is the second taste of the band's forthcoming album. 

Cash Savage And The Last Drinks have dropped a film clip for their single 'Pack Animals', the second track from the band's forthcoming album Good Citizens, contrasting the heavy content of the song with a clip taking the piss out of stock photos and bad acting.  

“Lately I've been looking at stock images and thinking about how the actors are set up in 'real life' situations that don't look like real life at all, and we just accept all these photos in our everyday world,” says Cash Savage of the clip. “Also, the statement's in the lyrics, and I fucking hate acting. I wanted to create something that was watchable, that didn't require a whole lot of acting talent from myself.” 

The track was inspired by a running joke within the band which revolved around the huge number of men approaching the female members of the band after their gigs to complain about a myriad of different things. The result is a searing track and a clever film clip to boot. Check it out below: 

Cash Savage And The Last Drinks' forthcoming album Good Citizens is out on Friday September 21 on Mistletone Records via Inertia.