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Cannibal Corpse Tour

After three long torturous years, death metals titanic kings Cannibal Corpse are returning to Australia for a sarcophagic frenzy of sordid and demented proportions. 


Their new ceaselessly hostile album release Torture, proves that when it comes to combining unrestrained maliciousness, involved song writing and technical precision, they still have no equal. The band's 12th full-length of their inspiring 24 year career, the Floridian quintet have never sounded so vital. Torture builds upon the wealth of powerful, dark, and memorable songs, comprising their earlier releases of Kill and Evisceration Plague by pointedly upping the ante at every turn. With blistering riffs, turbulent drums, ruthless and razor vocals, Cannibal Corpse are the pinnacle of death metal. Make no mistake, the sledgehammer force of the forthcoming live cannibalism will yet again prove this beyond any doubt.


Don't miss 'em at Billboard on Friday October 5. Tickets go on sale this Tuesday May 1.