Cable Ties win The Corner Award for 2017

Melbourne's post-punk trio take home the top prize. 

Cable Ties have taken out this year's Corner Award, and to celebrate they'll be hosting a huge multi-stage event. 

Launched last year, the Corner Award started as a way to give a bit back to the music community that has given them so much over the years. A team of industry experts have tirelessly worked together to whittle down the longlist of rising music stars, into a shortlist and finally decide on one worthy recipient.  

Cable Ties began piecing together their unbridled brand of wiry guitar tunes in singer and guitarist Jenny McKechnie’s back shed in early 2015. Since then, they’ve gone on to develop a cult-like following amongst lovers of frenetic punk and garage the world over.

Their celebratory show will feature the likes of Habits, Miss Blanks, The Dacios, Simona, Eat-Man and Miss Destiny. That's right: The Cable Ties Ball is approaching. But what to expect? We'll let the band explain. 

“Long distance travel between star systems takes a toll on passengers and crew alike. Freeze-dried food, artificial gravity, hyper sleep - it's all rather draining and just a tad dull.

"As such our in-flight entertainment team has gone all out and dreamed up something to help the parsecs fly on by. An evening of refined performance and pure decadence - The Cable Ties Ball. Immerse yourself in the grand hall of The Corner Hotel as we present a sparkling cluster of the finest humans across two stages.

"Dress in your finest denim, leather, velvet, sequins, lace or band t-shirt and get lost amongst sparkling chandeliers and mountainous, glowing amp stacks.”

As part of the prize, the group will also receive 150 copies of a limited 7", a cash cheque of $2000, a full-page ad from us at Beat, rehearsal time at Bakehouse Studios, $1000 towards artwork costs from Mushroom Publishing and more. 

The Cable Ties Ball goes down on Saturday February 24 at The Corner Hotel. They'll also play The Old Bar tonight, Monday November 20, with NOTS and Bitumen.