Buckcherry return to their party rock antics on 'Warpaint'

There's not much experimentation on the LP.

Rock ‘n’ Roll, Buckcherry’s last album, showed off a musical maturity no one really expected from the band and rendered this critic rather impressed. So the title Warpaint sparked expectations for a merciless attack. And Buckcherry delivered.  

Stripped of the direction they took in their previous album, Buckcherry return to their party rock antics with Warpaint. This much is evident with the bouncy ‘The Devil’s in the Details’ and the AC/DC style, riff charged title track, ‘Warpaint’. 

It’s curious as to why Buckcherry didn’t choose to continue their experimentation. There is a slight deviation from the party rock anthems with the melodic ‘Radio Song’ and ‘Closer’, but that’s it. The exiting of two members, including original member Keith Nelson, may explain this. But let’s not put this new line-up down, there is still energy coming from everyone on the album – vocalist Josh Todd at the forefront.

Buckcherry fans can call me a party pooper, but I must insist that the band look towards treading new ground as they did previously. Don’t dismiss this album as lazy, though, it does have its moments.