Bryan Ferry took Melbourne punters on a nostalgic journey through his seminal career

He proved that age is just a number at the Margaret Court show.

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Andrew Friend

A regular visitor to these shores, the suave sophisticate that is Bryan Ferry adorned the stage with an all-star band, ready to impart his music on the ready-and-waiting full house.

He may now be a seasoned gentleman, but Ferry still boasts many distinguishing features in the slew of popular music. His hotly anticipated tour during a heatwave was certainly apt, and Ferry gave it all on stage, ably backed by his band.

Of course, despite his vast solo output, everyone continued to pine for his songs with Roxy Music, and Ferry didn't disappoint, whipping out tracks from the Roxy years. The human element in many of the songs lifted the audience's spirits and sparked their excitement, as the entire spectrum of the Roxy Music years were traversed.

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He played tunes like ‘Ladytron’, ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Stronger Through The Years', 'Re-Make/Re-Model’ and ‘Out Of The Blue', much to the crowd's delight. Of course, these songs were supplemented by the gilt-edged immortal hits. ‘More Than This’, ‘Avalon’, ‘Love Is The Drug’, and ‘Virginia Plain’, along with covers that Ferry has become known for, including ‘Jealous Guy’ and ‘Let’s Stick Together’.

He also threw in his solo works, songs like 'Zamba', 'Windswept', 'A Wasteland' and 'Don't Stop The Dance', for good measure. The result was evidence that Ferry still has star power and can produce a sparkling slice of off-kilter beats, showing why he remains at the pinnacle of designer pop.

A masterclass of studied cool and atmosphere, he is nothing short of accomplished.

Highlight: Seeing a guy in his seventies who has not lost the groove.

Lowlight: People attending a Bryan Ferry concert in shorts and T-shirt.

Crowd favourite: 'Love Is The Drug'.