Bryan Adams : Shine A Light

Not his best work.

Bryan Adams hasn’t lost any of his skill as a musician and his talent as a songwriter remains, so if you know Bryan Adams and like him as he was, there’s no need to worry. 
Unlike his previous outing Get Up, the Jeff Lynne signature relaxed, classic rock tone is stripped and Adams inserts more pop-rock appeal. This is apparent on tracks like ‘The Last Night on Earth’, ‘That’s How Strong Our Love Is’ and lead single ‘Shine A Light’.
Admittedly, it was surprising to see Adams’ cover of ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ so stripped back compared to the rest of the album, though it was heart-warming, nonetheless. 
Adams doesn’t really tread any new ground lyrically but let’s be real people, it’s not like his next album will be the rock opera of the century – which is what people seem to expect. Sure, it may be more interesting, but that isn’t Bryan Adams’ thing. In saying that, there is substance – ‘Part Friday Night, Part Sunday Morning’ feels both lively and witty.
The territory covered here has already been explored by Adams, but it’s plain to see that he isn’t asking for any trouble.