Brooke Taylor & Delsinki

Who are we chatting to? Brooke Taylor and I’m a singer-songwriter.

How did you and Delsinki come together? Delsinki and I are St Kilda locals that met through mutual friends and had a similar taste in music. Each year or so Craig (Delsinki) will typically collaborate with a different artist, and two years ago we wrote an EP Love One together.

Where do you draw inspiration from? When we’re writing together, typically one of us will come up with a part or a melody, and then we’ll just throw it out to the other person to see what they come up with. ‘Autumn’ from our Love One EP was originally a line on a mandolin, which ended up being the main vocal melody for the song, and lyrically it’s just whatever one of us is going through at the time.

What can we expect from a Brooke Taylor & Delsinki performance? We have fun. Typically we’ll complement each other’s songs with harmonies and instrumentation, and then the ones we wrote together are straight down the middle. We do our best to bring a lot of energy to the stage, and also really bring the songs to life.

How does this project differ to what you create as a solo artist? Genre wise it’s a slight shift for me, and pretty much everything I do turns into a country pop song, however working with Craig we explore more rock and folk and blues. Working together is a great support to try new things. 

Brooke Taylor & Delsinki will perform at Coburg Night Market on Friday December 1. Their new single ‘Wishing Upon a Star’ will be released on Wednesday November 29.