Broods' new album is a welcoming mix of upbeat electronica and synth-heavy pop

It's an admirable return to form for the Kiwi pop connoisseurs.

Three years since the release of their underwhelming sophomore album, Conscious, New Zealand duo Broods return with the invigorating Don’t Feed The Pop Monster.

Released to little fanfare last month, Broods’ third full-length record is a welcoming mix of upbeat electronica and synth-heavy pop delights. Siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott have demonstrated a knack for writing effervescent pop melodies over the years and Don’t Feed The Pop Monster is chock full of them.

First single ‘Peach’ is a verified pop banger, with Georgia’s lush vocals floating over the pulsating electronic production. ‘Everything Goes (Wow)’ is a sonically pleasing synth construction, while ‘Why Do You Believe Me?’ is a soothing ditty detailing how the duo handle fame. Caleb even takes lead vocals for the first time on the synth-rock ‘Too Proud’, doing a commendable job, even though the track sounds a bit like Imagine Dragons. 

This is a polished record, with Georgia’s enchanting vocals set against a backdrop of uplifting electronica and dance floor ready beats. Well worth a few spins before a Saturday night on the town.


By Tobias Handke