Broen : I <3Art

Further evidence that there must be something in the water down Scandinavia way. Norwegian five-piece Broen clutter about with less than conventional sounds blending some Warpaint with Chvrches and a dash of HAIM. I <3 Art is as awkward as the title suggests. From the Casiotone musings of ‘Waters Changing’to the jackhammer funk of ‘Time’, they create a nocturnal drone which bends and weaves in all sorts of unexpected directions.
Black Line’does well with some No Wave retro before some pleasant, studied melodies will see fusionistas run in horror. Broen don't subscribe to any established pop-rock rules and express their boffin futurism with abandon. ‘<3’adds class to chaos as they mix some hip hop in their sound as they explore themselves through invention rather than incompetence.
Nevertheless, the clash of ideas tends to lose focus as the band struggles to display some consistency in the project. “Mind clash collision” is repeated in mantra style during ‘You (Detective)’. A correct assessment it is as they forge ahead with an interesting but frustrating listen. ‘Water Is My Mirror’is probably the best track and could see them briefly vogueish to a certain audience.