Bring Me The Horizon's new album 'amo' is an exciting rollercoaster of stylings and influences

Oli Sykes steers his men down a seldom-tread path. 

Bring Me The Horizon have always wanted to produce something revolutionary. With amo they may just have done that. It’s undoubtedly brilliant – whether you like R&B, metalcore, hardcore, other “cores”, dubstep, or heavy metal, Bring Me The Horizon deliver a little something for every kind of music lover in their cleverly crafted and dramatic sixth studio album, amo. 2013’s That’s the Spirit was an epic cross-genre release – but amo? It dials it up a few dozen notches and explodes into an almost indescribable cacophony of stylings and influences. 

Lead single ‘Mantra’ packs furiously honest lyrics, head-bopping bass lines and encompasses everything that has ever been great about BMTH. The band’s collaboration with Grimes on ‘nihilist blues’ maintains an epic EDM vibe and rave-worthy drops, the powerful combination of Oli Sykes’ voice with the siren song of Grimes is utterly bewitching. ‘Medicine’, the album’s most accessible and palatable track, is the most cohesive offering of what BMTH are trying out here.

With little gems and interesting nuggets ready to be discovered and unpacked, amo will leave you breathless with every listen. Encompassing raucous, and guttural guitars and boisterous bass, amo is a total jam and hands down BMTH’s best work to date.