Brian Cox returns to Australia to present MSO's science-filled show

It's going to be out of this world.

World-renowned physicist and massive nerd Professor Brian Cox is coming back to Australia, this time to school us on how science has advanced over time. To do this, Cox is joining forces with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for a wondrous concert full of music and science.

The concert will feature works from the pre-scientific age, in addition to the first movement of Mahler's Tenth Symphony, showing just how far science and music have come. The MSO will also be performing the world premiere of A Brief History of Time, a violin concerto composed by Paul Dean, dedicated to the late genius Professor Stephen Hawking. 

In between performances, Cox will be speaking on what was known about the world and by what date, comparing scientific milestones to the timeline of musical compositions. One of the last times he touched down in Australia, the physicist educated some politicians on how climate change does exist, so it's bound to be a good night.

Brian Cox: A Symphonic Universe lands at Arts Centre Melbourne on Saturday November 16 and Sunday November 17. For more information and tickets, head to the MSO website.